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Boar’s Head Festival


Excitement mounts as the townspeople prepare the Sanctuary for the arrival of the beefeaters with the boar’s head. Greeting their guests are the nobleman and his lady. Strains of familiar Christmas carols are heard as the jester, magician, and acrobats entertain with amusing and skillful antics.

The Festival officially begins as a tiny sprite brings into the darkened Church a lighted candle which symbolizes the coming of The Light into the world. Representing the Church, the minister receives The Light, and from this flickering flame rise the lights of the altar and the light of the Church itself.

A brass fanfare and the herald announce the entrance of the Boar’s Head company. Next come the monks and the waits, all praising the Incarnate Lord. Then follow the royalty. King Wenceslas with his page and snow sprites, the woodsmen with the Yule Log and its rider, Father Christmas, the shepherds and animals searching for the Christ and the three kings bearing their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

When all have assembled, they kneel in adoration of the Lord of Lords as the Church is darkened and the TeDeum window, symbol of the Epiphany star, shines over the altar. After the assemblage has recessed, the sprite returns and with the minister take the lighted candle forth to show that Christ is The Light to all people.

A quote from a dedicated patron:
“This festival is just so decidedly perfect for Trinity Church.  It is almost like it was composed just with this Church in mind.  Its growth has been superbly wonderful and those who were convinced that Trinity Church could use the Boar’s Head Festival had a vision for sure.  It blossomed quickly, like a wonderful hybrid “T” rose bush that produces gorgeous blossoms every year as the roots dig deeper and deeper.  It really is almost a miracle, if you think about it.”

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