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TNSK: About Us

Trinity Nursery School and Kindergarten has been in operation since 1946.  The school is located in the picturesque and historic Trinity Church, in the Forest Park District of Springfield.  Over the years Trinity has maintained its commitment to providing the highest quality early childhood program to the children of Springfield and its surrounding communities.  Despite the ever increasing trend towards year-round child care centers, Trinity has continued to operate as a preschool and kindergarten so that the children who attend our program are equipped with the tools needed to be successful in elementary school.  Families that choose to send their children to Trinity have done so specifically in order to provide their children with a safe, nurturing, and positive first school experience, and have found that the school-based model is best for young children and their teachers.

Trinity is a school with a rich history that is dedicated to meeting the needs of young children in our community.  We are proud to be a welcoming and inclusive organization focused on learning, growth, and change.  We are licensed by the Department of Early Education Care (DEEC).

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