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Pastoral Care

Our congregation is dedicated to serving others in our neighborhood, in Springfield, and around the world.  We also care for each other.

Pastoral Care at Trinity Church takes on several forms.

Pastoral Care with Clergy

Our pastor is available to talk with church members confidentially about any concerns they bring, or when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a visit at home or hospital would be welcomed.  He offers spiritual guidance as well as referrals for counseling, crisis intervention and other support groups that may be of help.  He helps church members prepare for marriage, plan the wedding service, and celebrate the occasion with them.

To arrange a time to meet with our pastor, you can contact him in person, by email
Reverend John E. Mueller, or by phone at 413-737-5311 extension 205.

Pastoral Care with Each Other

Pastoral care is not just the work of clergy.  In fact, it is most powerful when members minister to and with each other.  It is the essence of “bonding together in community,” that hallmark of the Church that helps to ground us in the mission of Christ.

By its very nature, pastoral care is a quiet ministry, often offered and received one-to-one.  It involves caring and compassionate listening, and tangible and practical support.  But the fruits of this ministry are abundant:  a faith community that cares for each other, that helps people “find” each other, so that none of us is alone, whether in sickness or sorrow, celebration, or the rites of passage that are a part of our spiritual lives.

Our Lay Pastoral Caregivers work closely with our pastor to develop a relationship with, and to give continued support to, those members who can no longer attend worship services on a regular basis and are usually confined to their home/living settings.  Caregivers specialize in one of these areas:  visiting a member on a regular basis, visiting the families of newly baptized babies/children, or making phone calls to bereaved Trinity families in the fall of each year.

Our Prayer & Discernment Group meets in the chapel on Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30 am.  And our Prayer Chain lifts up all who are in need of prayer.

Our Flower Delivery Ministry delivers flowers from our church altar to members who are in the hospital, recuperating from a hospital stay, on our prayer list, celebrating an 85th-100th birthday, or celebrating a 50th or 60th anniversary.

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