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Administrative Council:  This is the main governing body of the congregation.  It is primarily made up of the leadership team of Trinity Church along with a certain number of “members at large.”  Reports are given by the staff and lay leadership of the congregation regarding the variety of ministries of our congregation at these meetings.  This is the body that makes most final decisions regarding any area of our life together and oversees our entire ministry.   This body meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Trustees:  This board is responsible for the buildings and grounds, including the parsonage.  They make decisions about spending interest from endowment funds to address building repair and maintenance needs, as well as building improvements.  Through the Property Chair of the Trustees, the Trustees work closely with the Head Sexton and the Church Administrator.  Occasionally the Trustees host “clean up days” and other initiatives to involve members of the congregation in the care and upkeep of the building.   Per the Discipline, the Trustees elect their own officers from members of the committee.  This body meets on the first Monday of every month.

SPRC (Staff, Parish Relations Committee):  This body works primarily with the Pastor to address issues and needs related to staffing of Trinity Church.  The SPRC addresses issues like setting salaries, developing tools for professional staff evaluation, prioritizing goals for the pastor and staff, expanding benefits for the staff, hiring and firing staff, handling complaints against staff and celebrating milestones and ministries of the staff.    They act as a “bridge” between the congregation and the staff.  They work with the District Superintendent around supervision of the pastors and the appointment process.  This body meets on the fourth Monday of most months.

Lay Leadership:  This committee tries to match the gifts and graces of individual members of the congregation with ministry needs of the congregation.  They invite people to consider serving on different committees, work areas and other ministries of the congregation.  They give a report each year on the proposed leadership team of Trinity Church.  This “slate” of leaders is voted on and approved the larger church.  They meet as needed, primarily in the Fall, but occasionally in the Spring or Summer as well.

Stewardship and Finance:  This group is responsible for oversight and development of the general operating budget of the congregation.  They work closely with the Church Administrator and Pastor.  They are also responsible for developing an annual financial stewardship campaign and encouraging the growth of the spiritual discipline of giving among the membership of the congregation.  They usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

Investment:  This group gathers two times a year to meet with our brokers and make decisions for the investment of Trinity’s endowment.   They also work with other leaders in the congregation to develop planned giving opportunities for the membership of the congregation.

MissionsThis committee is responsible for engaging the congregation in acts of mercy and justice.  They are responsible for distributing funds designated to different mission activities the congregation supports, like the Children’s Chorus of Springfield, the After School Program, Crop Walk, and mission trips, as well as act as a catalyst to encourage members of the congregation to be involved in ministries of service and advocacy with those in need in our community, region, nation and world.  They usually meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month, from 9:00-11:00am.

WorshipThis committee looks at the over-all worship experience of Trinity Church and seeks to strengthen it in ways that will continue to appeal to all who come for worship.  The committee works closely with the Choir Director and the Pastor in reflecting upon and implementing different themes for worship – like during the seasons of Lent or Advent, the summer or other special times.  They oversee all the logistics connected to ensuring a meaningful worship experience.  They meet every other month on Saturday mornings, for an hour to an hour and a half.

Altar Guild:  This group takes turns preparing the altar area of the sanctuary before the Sunday worship service (before 10:00am), setting out the flowers, turning on the lights, checking the oil in the altar candles, changing the paraments (cloths on the altar, pulpit, & lectern), preparing the communion elements, & preparing for baptisms.

Christian Formation and Education:  This body works closely with the Director of Children and Youth Ministry and the Pastor to provide meaningful opportunities for on-going Christian formation for all ages.  This includes our Church School program, our youth ministries and our adult educational opportunities throughout the week.  In addition, this committee has been instrumental in bringing forward art exhibits to Trinity and the larger community and other “soul tending” types of experiences.  They meet every quarter on the third Saturday of the month, from 9:30am-12:30pm.

Publicity and CommunicationThis body focuses on improving the quality of communication within and outside the congregation as well as publicizing events and ministries for the general public.  They work closely with the Pastor for Lay Ministry Development on things like the web site, and other media outlets to further spread the news of Trinity’s ministry, such as our recent 2013 Neighborhood Block Party which was covered by out local NBC affiliate Channel 22 News.   They primarily meet “online” via email.

Membership and EvangelismThis committee seeks to strengthen the existing membership of Trinity Church and reach out to others in the community.  This group encourages the congregation to find the best ways to welcome new people into the life we share as a community of faith.  Our Neighborhood Block Party and Trinity Sunday Picnic are two examples of the ministry of this body.  The members of this committee also “staff” the Connection Point every Sunday during Fellowship Hour.  They usually meet one Thursday a month at 7pm, and more frequently before hosting an event such as the Block Party.

TNSK Advisory Council:  The Trinity Nursery School and Kindergarten (TNSK) Advisory Council is made up of members of Trinity Church, parents of children enrolled at the Nursery School and Kindergarten, and teacher representatives.  This body works closely with the Director of TNSK to set goals and priorities for the school and to address any issue related to the ministry of the school.  They meet on the third Thursday of the month from 6:45-8pm, September-June.

Ways and Means:  This committee is responsible for developing activities within the life of our congregation that provide opportunities for fellowship and ways of raising additional revenue for our general operating budget.  Examples of ministries this committee oversees include Karaoke Night, Auction, Fall Arts and Crafts Festival, Baker’s Dozen’s, Garden Tours, Bake Sales and more.  They meet periodically.

Boar’s Head Festival CommitteeThis body is responsible for oversight of all aspects of Trinity’s grand Epiphany celebration.  In addition to casting, they look for people to fill support roles, including costumes, ironing, props, security, childcare, youth care, ushers, decorations, hospitality, make up, meal prep, meals service, Medieval Market Place, sextons, staging, tickets & box office.  The committee usually meets on the first Wednesday of every month (except December through March).

United Methodist WomenThe UMW is an organization for women within the United Methodist Church.  This group focuses on education and social action ministries related mostly to children and women.  At Trinity, a number of smaller “circles” of women gather for fellowship and service.  There are a variety of events sponsored by the UMW as well as regular meeting times for different circles.  Their executive board meets at 7:00pm on the first Thursday of every month.

Fellowship Hour Ministry:  This group is responsible for the ministry of hospitality that takes place in Asbury Hall after our worship service.  This ministry includes providing a light snack and refreshments for people after the worship experience so we can continue to enjoy the gift God has given us in each other.  The fellowship hour ministry is divided into 6 groups, each of which takes responsibility for 2 months of the year:  January & June; February & August; March & September; April & November; May & October; July & December

Flower Delivery Ministry:  Two people from this group are assigned to each Sunday morning.  They collect the two bouquets of flowers from the altar & deliver them to two households.  The recipients are people in the hospital, recuperating from a hospital stay, on our prayer list, celebrating an 85th-100th birthday, or celebrating a 50th or 60th anniversary.

Greeters:  Four people from this group are assigned to each Sunday morning.  From 10:10am till 10:30am, they serve at the sanctuary doors (Sumner Avenue, the parking lot, and Grace Chapel), and welcome people as they arrive for the service.

Ushers:  The ushers are divided into 6 groups, with 4 people in each group.  Each group serves during 12 Sundays each year.  They hand out bulletins to people as they arrive for worship, and assist them to their seats, if requested.  They stay near the sanctuary entrances during the service, to help anyone who may need to enter or leave.

 Lay Pastoral Caregivers:  This group works closely with the pastor to develop a relationship with, and to give continued support to, those members who can no longer attend worship services on a regular basis and are usually confined to their home/living settings.  Caregivers may visit a member on a regular basis, visit newly baptized babies/children, or make phone calls to bereaved Trinity families in the fall of each year.


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