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Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee seeks to strengthen the over-all worship experience in ways that will continue to be meaningful to all who come.  We work closely with the Choir Director and the Pastor in reflecting upon and implementing different themes for worship – like during the seasons of Lent or Advent, the summer or other special times.  We meet every other month on Saturday mornings, for an hour to an hour and a half.

Our Liturgists lead the worship services, alongside the Pastor.  They lead the call to worship, the written prayers, and read scripture passages.

Our Altar Guild takes turns preparing the altar area of the sanctuary before the Sunday worship service (before 10:00am), setting out the flowers, turning on the lights, checking the oil in the altar candles, changing the paraments (cloths on the altar, pulpit, & lectern), preparing the communion elements, & preparing for baptisms.

Our Ushers are divided into 6 groups, with 4 people in each group.  Each group serves during 12 Sundays each year.  We’re the ones who hand you a bulletin as you arrive for worship, and assist you to your seats, if requested.  We stay near the sanctuary entrances during the service, to help anyone who may need to enter or leave.

Our Acolytes carry the cross to the front of the sanctuary during the opening hymn, and light the candles on the altar.  They read the offertory prayer, after the ushers bring the offering plates forward.  And they extinguish the candles & carry the cross out, during the final hymn.

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