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Sunday Worship Service

Our Sunday Worship Service is the highlight of our week. Our Choir Sunday is just one example of the way we celebrate God’s love on Sunday mornings.  Once you’ve experienced one of our worship services, you won’t want to miss a single Sunday!

What happens during the service?  Our bulletin spells out the order of the worship service.  We begin the service with a musical prelude.  Pastor John (or another worship leader) then stands to make announcements, during which everyone is asked to sign in the red notebooks that are passed down each row; please include your address, so that Pastor John can mail you a postcard welcoming you.  The announcements are followed by prayer concerns, a call to worship, a hymn, a unison prayer, and the passing the peace of Christ (everyone stands & shakes hands with others around them, saying, “Peace be with you.”).  Then Pastor John invites the children to come to the front of the church for the children’s moment. The choir sings an anthem, and then the pastor says a prayer, ending with all of us saying the Lord’s Prayer together.  We sing another hymn, hear a scripture reading and a sermon relating this reading to our daily lives.  Then the ushers pass an offering plate to each row; if you are as excited as we are about what God is doing in our midst, feel free to place cash or a check in the offering plate.  We sing a final hymn, and the choir and pastor recess to the back of the church.  After Pastor John gives a final blessing, the organist plays music, and we leave.  You can shake Pastor John’s hand at the main doors and exit that way, or head through the door on the right side of the church, near the front, to go to our fellowship hour.

Do I need to be a member to participate in Communion?  You are welcome to participate in communion, regardless of your religious affiliation or church membership.  We serve communion on the first Sunday of every month.  The ushers invite each row to walk to the front of the church, where you will be offered some pita bread to dip into grape juice.  Gluten-free products are offered at the front of the church, near the altar.  When you finish, you can return to your seat by the side aisles.

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