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Other Instruments


Our congregation is the proud owner of two seven-foot, Model B Steinway grand pianos (both gifts from the Kenneth T. Miller family); a five-foot baby grand Steinway piano (in memory of Verlie Carroll); a five-foot baby-grand Behning piano, plus other upright pianos.  Also, located in Asbury Hall, is a nine-foot Steinway grand piano owned by the resident Tuesday Morning Music Club.  The organization has been presenting concerts in the Springfield area continuously since 1902 and makes its present home-base at Trinity Church.


Trinity was recently presented with a new three-octave set of Schulmerich handbells  C4 – C7, as well as a C3 handbell.  This gift was made possible in fond memory of Virginia Hooper by her family and dedicated on All Saints’ Sunday, 2013.  We also have an existing three octave set of Suzuki handchimes.  The previous set of Schulmerich handbells, purchased approximately 35 years ago, will now be used exclusively during our annual Boar’s Head Festival.

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Trinity’s recent musical acquisition is a new, unique wind chime instrument which is free-standing and currently placed in our Chancel.  The chime consists of five elongated tubes of calibrated lengths sounding the notes of A, B, C#, E & F# (pentatonic scale) and rung mechanically. A turning wheel allows the center striker to make contact with each tube in an orderly fashion producing a rather ethereal sound.  There is also a center tension hook controlling the striker with five graduated positions (closer [f] or further away from the tubes [p]) to adjust the volume intensity.  The chimes are supported by a hand-crafted wood housing of open design for maximum tonal egress.  To our knowledge, no other encased wind chime exists in this form. The instrument was first introduce during the 2011 Boar’s Head Festival and is used throughout the year during baptisms, the Boar’s Head Festival, and other special occasions.  The new Wind Whisper Chime was constructed in memory of Arline and Edward Betterley, longtime members of Trinity Church.


A gong is a percussion instrument that is struck to produce a brilliant crashing sound.  It is of Oriental origin.  Most gongs are made of bronze and are usually round in shape.  They are usually hung on a stand, free of any impediments for the ultimate in sound quality, and are struck with a specially designed mallet.  Gongs vary a great deal in size, pitch, and tone.

Zildjian gongs are of the finest quality and are used widely throughout the world.  Their gongs are made of cast bronze and include a secret alloy of 80% copper, 20% tin with traces of silver in the mix!

This gong will have multiple uses, but especially effective during Trinity’s annual Boar’s Head Festival.  Dorothy loved the Festival and participated in the production for many years.  When the three kings sing together near the end of the production, the entire cast and crew hear that crashing sound and we always recall the memory of a wonderful lady we all loved so very much.

This instrument is a 34″ Zildjian gong and is a gift to Trinity Church by the
Richard MacGovern family in fond memory of his mother,
Dorothy MacGovern.

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